5-Channel Remote Control Excavator Toys Mental Excavator Construction Toys With Light And Sound

  • Item Number: 799585
  • Truck Battery: 3.7V Li-lon(not included)
  • Remote Control Battery: 2*AA (not included)
  • Battery charging time: 90-120min
  • Product dimension: 450*175*105mm
  • Product weight: 603.8g
  • Package dimension: 360*205*140mm
  • Package weight: 888.7g
  • Accessories: 1 pcs USB cable
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    Forklift Shovel Arm

    The excavator shovel arm has the capability to move backward and forward, facilitating the shoveling function.


    At Bottom Of Excavator

    Excavator remote control can control to rotate back and forth


    Excavator Shovel

    The remote control can operate the excavator's shovel function.


    Rubber Tracks

    The thickened tracks effortlessly handle challenging terrains, providing both wear resistance and a secure grip.

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  • ♦ R/C excavator’s mental shovel make digging up and down more powerful and realistic.The excavator scooping the sand and putting it into the engineering truck, with the sound function.

    ♦ Realistic function makes the children experience the happiness of the construction building.

    ♦ The driver’s cab turns for digging action on all sides.

    ♦ Children flexible control of the lifting arm to shovel and dig soil, with sounds for construction fun.

    ♦ Play out construction site adventures with the Excavator Radio Control toy.

    ♦ The easy-to-use controller makes it simple to drive your digger toy.

    ♦ Thickening tracked easily deal with complex topography and waer resistance, which always provide the best grip on the ground.

    ♦ ABS and alloy material make the appearance of the product look more delicate.

    ♦ Everything needed to get started is already included in the scope of delivery, except for AA batteries:Long operating times of up to 20 minutes are possible thanks to the Li-Lon battery.

    ♦ The USB charging cable can be used to conveniently recharge the batteries during breaks in play.

    ♦ It also can be change to 2.4Ghz. 2.4GHz remote control, it is also possible to play with friends and different models at the same time.

    ♦ This building toy is styled in classic black and yellow colours, making it the perfect addition to any collection of construction toys.

    ♦ Young children are fascinated by building sites – many children dream of becoming a builder.

    ♦ Crazy Price with Good Quality make it more compective on the market.


    Go forward and backward  Turn  left and right
    Table manual rotation
    Simulation sound
    Control distance:10-15M
    Battery charging time:90-120min
    Playing time:20-25 mins